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"Edward is very professional and timely with the start time and classroom portion, both my wife and mother enjoyed his course; benefited as first time firers from his lecture and videos."
–Devin S.

"Choosing E&S Gun Safety Training to earn my LTC certification was a great idea. The program was informative and efficiently run. The instructor, Edward, knows what's he's doing!"
–Kathryn M.

"E & S Gun Safety Training is the best training. If you want someone who is patient and kind. This guy at this company is the very best!"
–Sophia G.

"Thank you for an amazing class today!!!!! Recommend highly!!!!!!!"
–Nicole P.

"My wife took the concealed gun course! She had very little gun experience before taking the course. I can see much improvement and confidence in her gun handling techniques. Highly recommended!!"
–Jim S.

"We took the Gun Safety and LTC combo class! Very informative and great learning experience. Great customer service, Sophia made sure our group was informed leading up to the class and both she and Edward made sure we were comfortable handling firearms in class and on the range. I feel so much better knowing how to handle my firearm!!!"
–Keita K.

"Very knowledgeable and experienced instructors. I went to the beginners course combo with LTC training. Came in not knowing what to expect. First time handling a gun. When I left I felt very confident in handling and safety of having and carrying a gun. Highly recommend!"
–Edward L.

"Very informative class. My kids , hubby , & I took the gun safety class together. Mr. E is very knowledgeable. He was very patient with me. I was nervous at first but I felt a lot better by the end of the class. I would highly recommend this class for families. Great instructors!"
–Kesh Diggs S.

"I would recommend E an S gun safety the instructor Edward was awesome he was very hands on and detailed in class especially for someone like me who never used a gun."
–Sharon A.

"Enjoyed my gun safety course this morning!! Excellent teacher and very informative."
–Jeaneen G.

"I would absolutely recommend E and S Gun Safety Training. The instructor is knowledgeable and patient with beginners."
–Tracie B.

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